Thursday, April 12, 2012

BottleHood Jewelry Review (Celebrate the Earth)

Living a green lifestyle can mean many different things such as the 3 R's (reduce, reuse, recycle). Not too long ago, I heard a 4th R, repurpose. Repurposing is adapting an object for a different purpose. In our house, I've repurposed an old sorting laundry basket into recycling bins. The different colored baskets keep our recyclable separate. In my quest to find companies to feature for Celebrate the Earth, I found BottleHood, an eco-conscious company widely known for their repurposed goods.

About BottleHood
BottleHood is a San Diego-based company that repurposes recycled glass beverage containers into glassware, servingware, jewelry, and decoratives. They also repurpose wine barrels into serving trays. The company was conceived out of a passion to create local jobs, stimulate local retail economy, and help the environment. Since its inception, BottleHood has kept hundreds of thousands of wine, beer, liquor, soda, and water bottles out of landfills. BottleHood products can be seen gracing eco-conscious restaurants, bars, and hotels.
Image courtesy of BottleHood.

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Where to buy
BottleHood products are available on the BottleHood website and their Etsy shop

I was sent the Recycled Glass Bombay Sapphire Lariat Necklace with Tumbled Beads for review. As nice as this piece looks in the picture, it's prettier in person. I fell in-love with it immediately. The color is just beautiful. I could not believe this used to be part of a gin bottle. The craftsmanship is great; the rings are very smooth and well preserved. The silver chain is attached to each of the 3 rings. The necklace is closed by looping the 2 smaller rings through the bigger one.

After I received it, I wore it everywhere, everyday, for a whole week. I wore it with a variety of outfits. I think it dresses up a pretty casual outfit like a tank top with cardigan and jeans quite nicely. Since the chain is free flowing, you can adjust the height of the necklace. The only design flaw I found is that because the chain is free flowing, the 2 small rings tended to un-loop. I've had to loop them twice to prevent the necklace from falling off my neck, causing the necklace to become a bit shorter.

Although the necklace looks delicate, I can guarantee you that it's not. The rings are sturdy. However, for safety reasons, I do keep it away from my son and make sure he doesn't play with it. 

I'm just in awe at the creativity of BottleHood artisans. This necklace is great not just because it's chic and pretty, but because it's repurposed and eco-friendly. This would make a novel gift. Actually, anything from BottleHood would make a nice gift for someone who is eco-conscious, or not.

Disclaimer: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this post are solely mine. I was under no obligation to provide a positive review. I received permission to post company trademarked logo and images on my blog.