Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Son's Obsession With Firetrucks

As Big B gets older, it's getting harder and harder to find eco-friendly toys for him that he will still be interested in. Non eco-friendly toys are ubiquitous and he is exposed to them at stores, friends' homes, and school. Now, I know I'm just being controlling and it seems like I have something against non eco-friendly toys (which I don't, by the way), but what's wrong with trying to find good quality toys that's not only fun but good for the environment?

Thank goodness for Green Toys™. We love their products. (Type green toys in the search field at the upper right hand corner and see what I mean.) With the help of, one of our favorite online retailers, we really are amassing quite a collection of their toys. By far, Big B's favorite is the Fire Truck. Anyone who has a 4-year old boy can attest to a boy's love affair with firetrucks. Actually, he's been crazy over them since he was two. Our Fire Truck has been loved, very, very much.

Similar to all other Green Toys™ products, the Fire Truck is made of recycled plastic milk jugs. It comes in the no-frills minimal cardboard packaging which is recyclable. It is well made, good quality, and durable. Really, what parent doesn't want to invest in a toy like that? We've had this for a while and it is still in excellent condition. All the parts are still there; nothing has come off, or broken, or chipped. This is particularly important as Little B is beginning to crawl and we need to be vigilant about toy safety and baby-proofing the play area.

eco-friendly toys, Green Toys

Although this is only one of his toy firetrucks, it gets plenty of play time. Big B loves to take out the mini ladders (there's one on each side of the truck) and use them to add height to the big ladder. I wish they attached to the big ladder and to each other so it is a true extension, but Big B doesn't mind holding them together. The ladder tilts up and rotates 360 degrees to help the "firefighters" get to the "fire." It doesn't have a working siren or other things that make noise, thank goodness for that. When on a break from fighting fire, it gets a nice cleaning and spends time with its other firetruck friends.

eco-friendly toys, Green Toys

The Fire Truck is just one of the many Green Toys™ products BuyGreen® sells. It also offers other vehicles, kitchen, and outdoor toys. In addition to toys, BuyGreen® sells other eco-friendly products like the Microlink ARC FR160, which I will be reviewing for National Preparedness Awareness Month later. Now, back to the firetruck. It sells for $22 (on and I think well worth it. You don't have to be a green minded parent or a parent of a child who loves firetrucks to appreciate the value of this toy. It's a well built toy that fosters a child's imagination. Don't have a child? Well, this is an overall awesome toy that would make a great present for somebody else's. 

A little about BuyGreen™
BuyGreen® is a one-stop online retailer for all your eco-friendly product needs. Its product line includes items for personal, home, office, and leisure use. This site has it all from cloth diapers, to solar powered radios, to printer toner. BuyGreen® has published Green Standards for each of the products it carries. It rates the products based on it's source material, manufacturing, usage, and disposal. The company has done a lot of research to ensure that consumers are getting truly green products. BuyGreen® is a member of 1% For The Planet and donates 1% of all sales to organizations.

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