Sunday, September 23, 2012

Healthy Child Healthy World Hosts Date Night

Soon after Big B was born, I began reading labels on more than just food containers. Prior to giving birth, my environmental consciousness was focused on a healthy planet. I recycled, reduce, and reused. However, it wasn't until I was in charge of this tiny human being that the door to being eco-friendly became wide open. Since then, I have slowly transformed our home into a greener home; looking for products that are made with natural ingredients, and less harmful to both the planet and our bodies.

I had the pleasure of attending an awesome fundraiser last week, hosted by Healthy Child Healthy World. It was a great event that I am so glad my husband attended with me. We connected with brands and people who are passionate about protecting our children by providing safe, natural products. We heard Gary Hirshberg, Founder & Chairman of Stonyfield, talk about the importance of organic products for the health of the environment and how we, as Californians, have the power to make a difference in the way we label foods.

Sponsors provided samples for guests to take home and try, and we were more than happy to oblige them. Our swag bags were filled with products from Episencial, Vital Choice, Unreal, Soybu, Luna, Nordic Naturals, Earth Friendly, Zarbees, Happy Family, BabyGanics, Zerbees, and Sneaky Pete's at the night's end. 

Of course, a date night would not be complete without dessert. Kira’s Kiss Desserts, Platine Cookies, Ji’s Cake Boutique, Sweet Spils, Melting Pot Pasadena, and Firefly Bistro all provided mouth-watering fabulous sweets using Clover Stornetta ingredients.

Health Child Healthy World successfully raised $23,000 for that event. Thanks to supporters, they are very close to meeting their goal of $25,000. 

A little about Healthy Child Healthy World
Healthy Child Healthy World was founded by Nancy and Jim Chuda after their daughter died of cancer linked to environmental causes. Since 1992, the organization's mission has been to raise awareness about toxins affecting children's health, encourage and engage communities to take action for change, and advocate for policies and laws that protect children from environmental hazards. From grass roots outreach (i.e. Healthy Child Party) to celebrity endorsements and media coverage, the organization has been successful in their efforts to spread the message of our need to protect children and the environment.
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Disclosure: I received free tickets to attend the event. No other compensation was provided. All opinions expressed are my own.