Saturday, May 5, 2012

Engage Green® NYC Messenger Review (Celebrate the Earth)

While in search for a new work bag for my husband, I steered towards something eco-friendly. His only criterion was that it is a messenger bag. It did not matter to him the brand or material, providing it is functional, durable, and didn't break the bank. For me, if it were made from recycled materials, it was an even better find. I don't remember what keywords I used, but I came across Engage Green®.

About Engage Green®

Engage Green® is a New York-based online retailer of bags made from recycled (PETE plastic and paper) or sustainable (organic cotton, hemp, cork) materials. The 12-member company is known for creating chic products with unique designs. Their product line includes backpacks, messenger bags, satchels, totes, purses, wristlets, yoga bags, and traymats. Engage Green® has been awarded the Green America Business Seal of Approval, establishing the company as an industry model with the highest standard for environmental sustainability and social justice. Additionally, the eco-conscious company donates to charities and non-profit organizations.
Image courtesy of Engage Green®.

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Engage Green® products are available on the Engage Green® website.

My husband received the NYC Messenger bag to review. He chose the bag in brown, though the red and sea blue are really nice, too. I am so impressed by the way this bag looks and feels. I suppose I am just impressed with how well manufacturers make recycled products, period. Just by looking at it, you couldn't tell that this bag is made of material that once used to contain beverages. My husband has been using this bag for several weeks now and he really likes it. It feels like a bag made from nylon, a little bit, and all that you would expect from a nylon bag; durability, sturdiness, longevity. The NYC Messenger is well made and he expects (and hopes) to use it for a very long time. The strap is adjustable so it can accomodate different user heights. He appreciates the bicycle strap because it helps carrying the bag more comfortably. 

The NYC Messenger is very roomy and can accommodate a lot of things; it's not a structured bag so it can expand. The inner compartment is divided into 2; a large main compartment and a smaller one. There is also an zipped pocket inside the smaller compartment. My husband puts his paper work in the main compartment and the iPad in the smaller one. The bag tends to get pretty heavy when full with all the stuff he puts in; though the actual bag itself is relatively lightweight. I just wish the smaller compartment were padded, even a little, to secure and protect the iPad better.

He likes that it has many pockets. I've checked the bag and every single one of them has something inside: pens, calculator, gum, etc. This is actually the first feature of the bag that he mentioned when I asked him what he thought of the bag. I also asked him if he would change anything about it, what he would add or do differently and he said he wouldn't change anything. He's one satisfied consumer.

The NYC Messenger sells for $50. The price seems to me to be very reasonable for an eco-friendly product; quite competitive in the market. Engage Green® sells many types of bags and given our family experience with one of their products, I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Disclaimer: I was not financially compensated for this post. The brand/PR representative provided a product sample for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this post are solely mine and I was under no obligation to provide a positive review. I received permission to post brand trademarked logo and images on my blog.