Monday, January 16, 2012

Virescent™ Shopper - GRGH Sponsor Spotlight and Bonus Entry

I think that by now there is no need to highlight just how awesome reusable bags are. Not only are they eco-friendly and convenient, but they are cute. Additionally, they will be saving some shoppers money as more and more cities are implementing a ban on single-use plastic bags at groceries and retail stores, charging customers about $0.05 per paper or plastic disposable bag. I had the opportunity to review the Shannon Shopper by Virescent, and it has become a favorite. For those looking for an eco-friendly fundraising idea, check out Virescent.

About Virescent
Virescent was founded by friends Noelle McCarthy and Anne Damphousse. The company is committed to providing an eco-friendly alternative to fundraising - instead of the usual sweets, gift wrapper, or fast-food discount cards - while maintaing social responsibility. Virescent offers the Shopper, a stylish, quality reusable bag made from organic and recycled cotton that is manufactured in the US. Customers can choose from a wide selection of stock prints and can customize their shoppers with their logo or create their own unique design. Additionally, the more Shoppers sold through fundraising, the higher the financial return back to the organization. Visit Virescent's fundraising page for more information.

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The Shannon Shopper is very cute; I love the print. It is made of heavy-duty material, not the cheap stuff. The handle is just the right length for hanging over my shoulders. I love that there is a pocket inside to put my essentials in (cell phone, keys, and wallet) so I don't have to carry a separate purse while shopping. This really helps when I'm out and about with multiple bags in tow (i.e. my son's "diaper" bag). The Shopper expands at the bottom to about a little less than 8 inches. Since it is not structured, it accommodates plenty of items. I love that it's made from organic cotton grown in the US and is manufactured in the US.

My sister came over for the holidays for a visit and asked to use this bag - she loved it too. This was her go to bag for carrying overnight items as she bounced from my home to our parents. She was able to fit clothes, toiletries, and her needlework items. I finally got to use it after she left. Like my sister, I've used it to carry items back and forth and for clothes shopping. What can I say...I love it. Using reusable bags while shopping really does give me a peace of mind that I will not be contributing to the landfill and street litter of plastic bags. Plus, it's cute and eye-catching.
The craftsmanship of this bag is great. This is a well made bag that I foresee lasting a long time. I have yet to launder this bag so I can't comment on how well it holds up after washing.

The Shannon Shopper costs $20. Although it is pricey (similar to other reusable bags I've reviewed), there's comfort knowing that the money spent is going to a quality product made in the US and is helping out your organization. Also, with more and more groceries and retail stores charging for disposable bags, this bag will definitely pay for itself. As I've said before, eco-friendly products are not cheap, but they are definitely worth it.
We have not had any safety issues with this product.

1 Virescent Shannon Shopper.

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