Monday, January 16, 2012

Wooly Rounds™ Wool Dryer Balls Review - GRGH Sponsor Spotlight and Bonus Entry

During my research on cloth diapers, I discovered that parents use wool dryer balls to fluff their fluff - apparently, dryer sheets and liquid softener leave residue on cloth diapers which interfere with absorbency. Although baby is not here yet, I do have a small stash that I have accumulated which I started to prep and have started to use Wooly Rounds.

About Wooly Rounds
Cyndi is the creative force behind Wooly Rounds. Similar to parents who decide to use cloth diapers, her research led her to switch from dryer sheets to wool dryer balls. After using substandard balls she bought, Cyndi used her creative background to produce her own wool dryer balls. Through trial and error, she was able to create a high quality product for herself and for others.

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Where to buy
Wooly Rounds wool dryer balls are available on the Wooly Rounds online store starting at $8 each.

I was sent a set of 4 colored dryer balls for review. They are a just little bigger than the size of a tennis ball (I'm talking millimeters here) and weigh about the same. These balls are well made; the surface is very smooth. I've seen wool dryer balls where you can still see the yarn string. I don't know how that might affect the functionality of the balls since I do not own those types of wool dryer balls. I love the colors, especially the blue. It's such a nice contrast to the background color of the dryer. It helps to identify them right away, so when I take clothes out, I just look for the balls to make sure that they did not get mixed in with the laundry.

These work very well to reduce static and reduce drying time. Since I am new to cloth diapers and have just started to prepare my new stash, I don't know how long it typically takes to dry cloth diapers. In the times that I have used Wooly Rounds to dry cloth diapers in the hot setting, I have not gone beyond an hour. After reading blog posts about laundering cloth diapers, I think less than an hour drying time is pretty good. I really appreciate that they do not leave a residue on fabric like liquid softeners or dryer sheets do. Not only do wool dryer balls keep cloth diapers soft and fluffy, but they also maintain the absorbent characteristic of the diapers. What I have noticed is that with less items in the dryer, the noise level does increase because you will hear the balls bouncing inside the dryer. Other than that, I love using these. I highly recommend these to everyone, not just cloth diapering parents. They save time and money, what else can you ask for?
I've use the Wooly Rounds for both cloth diapers and regular laundry and they have held up well. I have started to notice a little bit of pilling, but this seems to be expected of all wool dryer balls.

At $8 a piece, Wooly Rounds wool dryer balls are comparable to other brands in the market. Additionally, sets of 3 and 5 balls have a reduced price.

We have not had any safety issues with this product.

1 set of Wooly Rounds™ dryer balls.

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