Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Naturally Clean Wash with TotLogic

totlogic shampoo and bubble bath
I enjoy finding new products for the whole family, especially ones that are eco-friendly. I know that at some point I have to stop buying or trying new personal care products, but I just can't help myself. You know what I mean - You see a new natural shampoo or organic body wash on the market and wonder how it will compare to your favorite brand. The kids recently tried totlogic® and I really liked it.

We received the Shampoo and Bubble Bath from totlogic® to review. Upon opening the box, I saw these two attractive bottles and got excited. Big B hasn't taken a bubble bath in a long time so he was beyond thrilled when I told him his surprise. I was pleasantly surprised to see so much bubbles after adding Bubble Bath. I think I may have squeezed about two tablespoons with the running water and the tub quickly filled with bubbles. We've tried the Bubble Bath several times and you can see bubbles for about 15 minutes, depending on how much you add and how much the kids play with it, of course. This is definitely a lot gentler on the skin than conventional bubble bath solutions in the market. Since both my kids tend to have dry skin, it's nice that the bubble bath didn't dry their skin out. Also, although the container has a warning for eye contact, there were a few occasions when Little B rubbed his eyes with a little bath water. He was perfectly fine, his eyes did not seem irritated at all.

totlogic bubble bath bubbles in tub

As for the Shampoo, I like that it rinsed easily. Big B always makes a fuss when I shampoo his hair, in fear of getting some in his eyes. So, having something that rinses out quickly is a very good thing. If you are new to natural shampoos, the one thing about them is that they do not lather very much, some, not at all. It's because they don't have all the junk that makes the other shampoos lather. The picture below shows just how much the shampoo lathers - an indication of all the chemicals that is not present in the product.

totlogic shampoo lather

Although my kids have no known allergies to food products, it's nice to know that these are made free of gluten, dairy, and soy. Not convinced yet? If you would like to try their product line, totlogic® offers free samples of their lotion.

Favorite features

  • Gentle on the skin and hair
  • Made with natural, plant-based ingredients
  • Mild, almost unnoticeable fragrance
  • Free of Sulfates or SLS, parabens, phthalates, PEG, DEA, formaldehyde, artificial colorants and fragrance, and animal products
  • Products are never tested on animals

The Shampoo is $17 and Bubble Bath is $15, both for eight ounces. The price point is definitely more expensive than other natural product lines we've tried. However, the shampoo is a tad bit less expensive than my favorite organic shampoo for the kids. Given the performance of these products, I am inclined to try other products from the company, such as the lice and bedbug treatment, if the need comes.

About totlogic®

totlogic® is part of the Logic Product Group. Mother of two Jill Taft, created the company to offer parents products made with natural ingredients for their family's needs. The totlogic® product line includes: a 2-in-1 body wash and shampoo, body lotion, bubble bath, shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and diaper balm. In addition to totlogic®, The Logic Product Group offers licelogic® for lice treatment, barklogic® for flea and tick prevention, and bedbuglogic® for bedbug infestation. All products are proudly made in the US and packaged in recyclable materials.

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Disclosure: I was provided free products to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions expressed are my own.