Sunday, November 18, 2012

America's Best Organics - Holiday Gift Guide

america's best organics sugar and spice gift basket
Gift baskets are a fun way to give, and receive, gifts. It's not just one gift, it's an assortment of gifts that you get to enjoy. There are a plethora of gift baskets that cater to the recipient, whoever you are. Companies hand select items to create thematic baskets for specific age groups, holidays and special occasions, hobbies, and just about anything you can think of. Some companies even have their own speciality and niche.

America's Best Organics creates baskets full of organic products, and only organic products. We received the Sugar and Spice basket for review. I can't think of a better way to introduce organic products to someone than giving them a box full of organic goodies. Some people have a perception that organic equals produce. Well, not so. I've tasted organic chocolates before, and even organic candy. I've even had the Olomom Cinnamon Cayenne Almonds before (so delish). However, I've never had organic tea, coffee, jam, or used organic candles prior to receiving this basket. I was very pleased.

I had to exert some self-control after opening the package. Big B was beside me and was just as curious as I was about the contents of the box. The basket is actually a box; a nice, sturdy box made of recycled material. He immediately grabbed the candy. I had no idea how he knew, but he did. I took pictures as quickly as I could so we could enjoy the wonderful offerings of the gift basket. 

america's best organics basket outer box

For the next couple of days, the whole family savored and enjoyed everything. We each had our favorite. I absolutely loved the almonds and tea. The Olomom almonds were the epitome of sugar and spice; sweet with some heat. Loved it. The tea and coffee had lovely aromas, with matching taste to boot. The chocolate, oh the chocolate. What can I say? I'm a big fan of dark chocolate, non-fresh cherries, not so much. However, this combination was palatable. There were just enough cherries to provide the right amount of tang. This was Big B's favorite, well, and the candy too. Similar to everything else, the spiced plum was delicious. It smelled, and tasted, like Christmas. I don't know how else to describe it. It went perfect with toast and pancakes. We have yet to use the candle. I'm saving this one for Thanksgiving.

sugar and spice organic sweets

Favorite features

  • Delicious treats. From the chocolate to the tea, every (edible) item tasted very good.
  • Products in their baskets are from US-based companies. My family is a big supporter of mom and pop shops, so this was definitely a plus. 
  • Great selection and variety of products offered. The basket had seven items, which is, in my opinion, a perfect number of items in a gift basket. Huge gift baskets can be overwhelming with too many products, this was just right.
runa organic tea in cup

The price point of the basket is $46, which is a fair price for an assortment of organic products. This gift basket would make an excellent gift for someone who is very much into organic products. Or, someone who just enjoys good quality, tasty treats.

A little about America's Best Organics

America's Best Organics is a unique gift basket company offering all organic and eco-friendly products. Based in Boulder, Colorado, the company features products from local artisans to national US brands. The company strives to promote organic food and agriculture while supporting local economies. American's Best Organics collaborates with eco-conscious producers who matches their value of promoting health and sustainability.

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Disclosure: I received free products to facilitate the review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions expressed are my own.