Thursday, October 18, 2012

Yoga Paws® Travel Yoga Mat. Have You Tried It? - Yoga Awareness

Last month was National Yoga Awareness Month and I am just now posting about it. (Yes, I'm still working on that dissertation.) As a new practitioner, I am willing to try products to enhance my experience; mainly those that help with my sweaty palms. I overlay a towel on my yoga mat in hopes of sticking a pose and not slipping. For the most part, it works. I've recently discovered a product that is even be better than a yoga towel and I'm very excited about it.

Yoga Paws® serve as a travel yoga mat. They are the most portable yoga mat I have ever seen and used. Although my main reason for using them is not for travel purposes, I will most likely take them on the road with me. What I like about Yoga Paws® is that they help me with my slippage problem. I have used them on carpet, towel, yoga mat, and cement and they have not disappointed me. They grip extremely well to any surface.

The Yoga Paws® Elite have been my savior. I received the full set which comes with a pair of gloves for your hands and a pair of "paws" for the feet. Although my feet are pretty good at being grounded during a pose, there have been a few occasions when they've slipped a little. Not good. I kid you not when I say my palms are sweaty. I only practice regular yoga, and not hot yoga, and I still sweat a lot. The ability to hold a pose is a matter of safety, among other things. To my rescue comes a novel product that I am sure will be very much used and loved.

In addition to helping me enrich my experience and build confidence, I love that they are made with eco-friendly materials. The grip side is made of recycled natural rubber. Functional and green, my favorite combination. The inside is lined with a towel to absorb sweat, something that I dearly need. They also come with a carrying pouch for easy storage and transport.

I have not sworn off my mat completely. Mostly because I can't imagine doing shavasana on a bare floor. However, I do have to say that I will probably not need it for much of anything else. Yoga Paws® provide the adhesion, cushion, and support that I need to practice yoga. Without the mental barrier of fear (of getting hurt from slipping), I can only improve and progress in my discipline. 

A little about Yoga Paws®
Established in 2003, Yoga Paws are the brainchild of a mother/daughter team. Gail and Jamie developed "paws" that would allow them to practice yoga during their travels. Their efforts have led to the creation of a product that yogis worldwide can use to further and enjoy their practice anytime, anywhere.

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Disclosure: I won the product in this review from a blog giveaway. The company is generously offering the giveaway prize. No compensation was provided. All opinions expressed are my own.