Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Favorite No Fuss Stretchy Wrap For Infants

Next week is International Babywearing week. This time last year, I had written a post briefly explaining the different types of baby carriers. After my disappointing experience with our first baby carrier, I was determined to find a carrier that was better for my body and baby. I decided to try a stretchy wrap after seeing a few of them around. I'm so glad I did.

Little B came home at barely six pounds. He was tiny. I knew that I wanted to wear him right away but all the other carriers I owned had a minimum weight limit that prevented me from wearing him. As soon as he hit a safe weight, I began to wear him. My go-to carrier was Baby K'tan®.

baby carrier, babywearing

baby carrier, babywearing

Honestly, I could not have done as much housework or crossed off my to-do list if I could not have worn Little B. It's not that he wanted to be worn, but it was more protection from Big B. Big B absolutely loves his little brother and always wanted to kiss and hug and cuddle with him. Unfortunately, four year olds don't always know their strength. So I wore him while doing the dishes, laundry, and getting Big B ready for school. Basically, there were very few things that I could not do while he was in the carrier.

What I like about the Baby K'tan® is that it's really easy to use. I have never owned a regular wrap, but imagine that the learning curve is pretty steep. The butterfly feature of the Baby K'tan® makes learning to use a wrap (practically) effortless. I must have watched the video tutorial a couple of times before I felt like I was ready to wear Little B. The one mistake I did was to wear him while he was crying. I tried doing the Kangaroo carry and he did not like it at all. I have no doubt that if he were happy and not fussy to begin with, he would have been fine. So, after that traumatic experience, I stuck with the Hug carry.

baby carrier, babywearing

The first time I wore Little B, I thought that I must have gotten the wrong size; it was super tight. However, the more I wore him, the better the carrier fit. It is supposed to fit like a snug tee shirt, and it did. I think if I had gone a size larger, Little B would not be secure. Adjusting it is very simple thanks to the design. There are no buckles or straps to fuss with, just tug on the adjustable back support band to ensure a proper fit. I love that the Baby K'tan® is made entirely of 100% cotton fabric since it makes maintenance a breeze. If the baby spit up or somehow soiled it, I just tossed it in the washer. Also, I like that it comes with it's own pouch. The sash that you wrap to support the baby converts into a pouch to keep the carrier in, brilliant. 

baby carrier, babywearing

For newborns, I highly recommend this wrap. It's super easy to use and really affords you the opportunity to be close to baby while doing work. Fast forward a few months later and I still use the Baby K'tan. As Little B loves facing forward, I will be trying the Hip carry with him soon. For now, I just enjoy having him face me, making occasional eye contact while I'm working.

A little about Baby K'tan
Baby K'tan® is the brainchild of two families raising special needs children. The combined efforts of forging together the best of the wrap and traditional front carrier lead to a product that was comfortable, easy to use, stylish, and most of all, met the needs of their children. In addition to providing a quality product that parents love and trust, Baby K'tan® donates a portion of their sales to the American Heart Association and National Down Syndrom Society. The company also contributes to various other charities and is heavily involved in service to their community.

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Disclosure: I received a free product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions expressed are my own.