Thursday, September 27, 2012

Eco-friendly Disaster Kit for Baby (National Preparedness Month)

In preparation for National Preparedness Month, I've had to make several emergency kits for our family. I'm really glad that this is an annual campaign since our family circumstances have changed since last year. This year, we have a baby who's needs we have to take into consideration for our emergency kit. In addition to our standard disaster kit, I have prepared one specifically for Little B.

Items in our kit (starting from the top and going clockwise):
1. Diapers - Although we use cloth diapers the majority of time, we have included disposable diapers in our kit. If we have a limited supply of water available to us, I would rather use that for drinking or cooking than washing diapers. There are many eco-friendly disposable diapers in the market, like the ones from Seventh Generation pictured above.

2. Food - I make Little B's food. However, if we are going to be displaced and do not have access to a kitchen to prepare his food, the second best thing is an organic pouch. I've tasted the Happy Baby food pouches and they are yummy. I just have to remember to check the expiration date as these are not real emergency kit food that lasts up to 15 years.

3. Bodywash - Soap is always a good thing to have in an emergency situation. We do have alcohol prep and other things to sterilize and get the germs out in our first aid kit, but I wouldn't wash Little B's entire body with them. I just discovered the Seventh Generation body wash and shampoo at Target. Similar to other Seventh Generation products, it's made with natural ingredients.

4. Soothing cream - We are fans of Episencial® because they make products with natural and organic ingredients. They also smell good. We've used the soothing cream for after sun exposure and dry skin irritation. 

5. Wipes - The Kirkland brand of wipes is eco-friendly. They are made with Tencel®, a renewable resource, and biodegradable. They are hypoallergenic, contains Vitamin E, and alcohol free. This is the brand we used for Big B when he was in diapers and they work very well.

7. Reusable bag - The reusable bag is what the entire kit is contained in. Although I wish it were red, it's the bag that we have handy. The handles are long enough so I can carry it on one shoulder and be hands-free to carry Little B.

8. Burp cloths - These are just multi-purpose cloths for burping or wiping. These adorable cloths are from EcoGeek Boutique™ and are made with left-over fabric that otherwise would have been thrown in the landfill.

9. Baltic amber - Baltic amber is a natural resin and analgesic. Since Little B started teething, he's worn a baltic amber necklace for pain associated with teething. 

I would love to hear what your family has included in your disaster kit for kids. Do you have must-have products that I should add to our kit?

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.