Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Breastfeeding Post Around the Blogosphere (Let Love Nourish 2012)

August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month. Let Love Nourish 2012 is a platform for bloggers to share their stories with moms and dads. My goal is to increase awareness for breastfeeding, encourage those on the fence about breastfeeding, support parents who are struggling, and let moms know that they are not alone. I've had my own struggles with breastfeeding and found testimonies and stories from other moms helpful with the process.

If you have a breastfeeding story that you would like to share, please add the link to your post below. It can be an old or new post. After adding your link, please post the event button on your blog to increase exposure of this event. The more exposure, the more moms we can help and support. In addition, I am hosting a free giveaway hop at the end of the month. Go the the Let Love Nourish 2012 page for more information about the giveaway hop.

Rules for Breastfeeding Post Hop:

  • Add your breastfeeding post to the linky below. Link directly to your breastfeeding post and not to your homepage. 
  • Put your blog name in the Name field. Please include the post topic in parenthesis  (i.e general breastfeeding, latching, milk supply, military, etc.). This will help moms look for specific topics they are interested in. 
  • Spread the word on your social networks, posting the event button, etc.