Monday, June 25, 2012

Baby Shower Gift Ideas: Etsy Finds

While browsing through Etsy, and I could spend so much time on that site, I found some items that would make great baby shower gifts for mamas (new and veteran). As a second-time mom, I thought I had everything I needed for the new baby. I thought I had figured out what worked for us as parents in raising an infant through preschooler, and what products just collected dust or eventually ended up in a box in the garage. It turns out, there are tons of products out there that I have yet to discover. A couple of these gift ideas may seem like they are only for the crunchy mama, but not so. I think these gift ideas are pretty universal, not to mention cute. So here they are, my favorite baby shower gift ideas รก la Etsy. Mind you this is not an exhaustive list, just the start.

This Sheep Baby Blanket is by LoVe2Crochet9490. A while back, my mom gave me a hooded blanket (not from an Etsy artisan). I thought I wasn't going to use it since we already had so many non-hooded blankets. To my surprise, it became my go to blanket when taking the baby out of the house. Yes, I could have used any blanket to wrap the baby and keep the baby warm, but the hood really helps keep the blanket on the baby. Often times, blankets unwrap and the baby is exposed, not so with a hooded blanket. Since I love handmade items, I decided to look for a knitted or crocheted hooded blanket and found the Sheep Baby Blanket. Isn't it just the cutest? And, it's functional too.
Image courtesy of LoVe2Crochet9490.

The Busy Bee Organic Nursing Teething Ring Necklace by My Lil Market is one of my favorite finds because not only is it cute, but it's all natural. Made from maple, this teething ring is naturally anti-bacterial (much like wooden chopping boards) and safe for baby. I've read so many good reviews about how a nursing necklace helps mom because it occupies baby while breastfeeding instead of pulling on mom's hair, clothes, or scratching her. Another thing I like about the Busy Bee is that it can double as an accessory and doesn't look like you're wearing a toy. This is definitely something I will be putting on my wish list.
Image courtesy of My Lil Market.

I bought these wool longies from Svetlana of tevirp and I love them. The baby has gotten so many complements when he wears them. I requested that she customize the cream/green with a peace sign. It came out great. You can see him wearing it on my Facebook page. I initially thought that the longies would be too warm because they are wool, but not so. The baby seems comfortable in them even during our warm SoCal spring days.
Image courtesy of tevirp.

You've seen these mini wet bag and cloth wipes by Bundles of Joy on my blog before. I reviewed them a while back before the baby was born. I now use them as cloth wipes for baby's diaper changes instead of as general wipes. I've washed them now several times and are still great.
Image courtesy of Bundles of Joy.

Red Charlotte makes The Stuff Sack for baby carriers, and boy do I need one. I have 2 soft-structured carriers, a mei tai, and a wrap. When I found this, I knew it was a must-have. I love that it keeps the carriers protected, clean, and easy to transport. The Stuff Sack comes in such cute prints and surprisingly, it has accessories of it's own. You can add a messenger strap or a zipped pocket to make it even more convenient. If you know a babywearing mama, this will make such a novel gift.
Image courtesy of Red Charlotte.

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