Monday, January 16, 2012

Bundles of Joy Wet Bag and Cloth Wipes Review - GRGH Sponsor Spotlight and Bonus Entry

Since our decision to cloth diaper baby #2, we have also decided to use cloth wipes to further reduce our environmental impact. There was only one thing that I was concerned about: do we use disposable wipes while away from home or is there a way to use wet cloth wipes on-the-go? I was beyond thrilled when I discovered the mini wet bag and cloth wipes at Bundles of Joy. As someone who has yet to enter the wonderful world of cloth diapering, these products will certainly make the transition easier without having to go back to my old ways.

About Bundles of Joy
Bundles of Joy is the brainchild of Joy, a stay-at-home mom who loves to sew. Her passion for wool and cloth diapers led to the creation of her Etsy shop. Bundles of Joy products include cloth diapers and PUL covers, wool covers, shorts, and longies, cloth wipes, and wetbags. Joy offers size customization for her cloth diapers and covers.

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Where to buy
The mini wet bag and cloth wipes are available on Bundles of Joy Etsy shop for $13.

The size of the wet bag and cloth wipes are perfect for my diaper bag, or the backpack that I carry for my son. The wet bag is big enough to carry just the right amount of wipes for a day out and small and flat enough not to be cumbersome. The cloth wipes are about the size of disposable wipes I'm used to, but so much better since I can reuse them over and over again - guilt-free and lower environmental impact. I love that I can use the stretch cotton terry side of the cloth wipe to rub off stuff that has stuck to my son and still be soft and non-irritating to the skin. The print on the bag and wipe cloths are super cute and a definite plus.

Although not cloth diapering yet, I keep this set in my backpack for use with my preschooler and me. I moisten the damp cloths and use them for just about anything that I would have disposable wipes, from sticky hands and face to spilled beverages in the car. Once used, I simply fold it differently (to differentiate from unused wipes), put back in the bag, and just toss in the hamper when I get home. I really need to get more cloth wipes since I don't do laundry quick enough to refill the bag again. The velcro does a good job with spill prevention. Although the cloth wipes are just moist and not dripping wet, I do appreciate a dry backpack at the end of the day.
These handmade products are very well made. Upon inspection, the stitching was well done and there were no loose ends that could come undone. I washed both the wet bag and cloth wipes prior to use and did not notice any shrinkage. I look forward to using these for a long time.

The mini wet bag and cloth wipes set is a good deal. For $13, you get a wet bag that you can use for other purposes than a cloth wipes holder and 3 reusable cloth wipes. I looked around Etsy for a similar set and the price is definitely competitive.

We have not had any safety issues with this product.

1 mini wetbag and set of cloth wipes.

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