Thursday, May 10, 2012

Myths and Truths about Sunscreens

Photobucket I want to kick off this year's Sun Safety Series with a post about sunscreens. Sunscreen use is an important preventive behavior for decreasing the risk of skin sun damage. However, there are many myths that surround sunscreen. Jeff Kletter is CEO and co-founder of KINeSYS, a sunscreen protection system. I met Jeff at Expo West while I was looking for a sunscreen for my kids. Jeff clears up some of the myths and talks about what you all should know as we approach summer.

 What are sunscreens?

 Myth: Sun Protection Factor (SPF) rating 60 will protect significantly more than an SPF       30.

 Myth: All sunscreens block some UVA.

 Myth: A high SPF sunscreen will protect me all day long with one application.

 Myth: Some sunscreens are "no tears."

 Myth: Some sunscreens are waterproof or sweatproof.

 Myth: Some sunscreens are actually sunblocks.

 Myth: Some sunscreens are "all-natural" or "organic."            

Disclaimer: This article was written by a guest author. I did not receive financial compensation to publish this post on my blog. All information and opinions presented by the guest authors are solely theirs.