Friday, April 13, 2012

Hunger Hits Home

Food security is something that many Americans face but not many talk about. In the US, 1 in 5 kids do not know where their next meal is coming. It is a stagering statistic, especially for the land of plenty. Last night, my husband and I watched a screening of Hunger Hits Home. This poignant documentary highlights the challenges that many families across the country are encountering on a daily basis. The Food Network and Share Our Strength have teamed up to bring this film to light and hope that you can join in the fight against hunger in this country. Their goal, through the No Kid Hungry® campaign, is to ensure that every child is securely fed by 2015.

About Food Network
Food Network connects households worldwide to the power and joy of food. In the US, the lifestyle network is viewed in over 100 million households, the website averages over 9.9 monthly web users, and the magazine has a circulation of 1.4 million. Internationally, Food Network is seen in more than 150 countries. Its popularity is due in part to the talent and expertise Food Network brings to its viewers. The network is committed to educating, inspiring, and empowering viewers through their shows.

About Share Our Strength
Share Our Strength is a nonprofit organization that spearheads the No Kid Hungry® campaign. The campaign brings together political, community, and faith leaders, educators, anti-hunger activists, and corporations to end childhood hunger. Through No Kid Hungry®, children gain access to healthy foods through enrollment in nutrition programs, food resources for families, and effective community organizations. Cooking Matters® is a program within the campaign that educates at-risk families how to get more food for their money and better nourishment from food. For more information on the campaign, visit

About Hunger Hits Home
Hunger Hits Home follows three different families across the country and their struggles to make ends meet. It is through these families that the hunger crisis is portrayed and given a face to the statistic. The documentary also profiles anti-hunger activists such as a food pantry founder, an elementary principal, and political leaders, and highlights their fight against childhood hunger. Hunger Hits Home examines the causes, complications, and misconceptions about childhood hunger. It also offers solutions currently available to help families.

Hunger Hits Home will air tomorrow night, April 14, on the Food Network. Check your local listing for air time.

As I sat watching Hunger Hits Home, I thought about the misconceptions about the type of person and families who endure hunger in this country everyday. However different the circumstances of those parents are to mine, the one thing that we do have in common is the concern we have of providing for our children and the stake we have in ensuring their health. I do not claim to fully understand what they are going through but can see the helplessness they feel. The movie does end in a good note. You’ll just have to see for yourself how it does. Please join Food Network and Share our Strength is eradicating childhood hunger in this country. Watch Hunger Hits Home and visit to get more information on ways you can help.