Sunday, April 1, 2012

Celebrate the Earth

Welcome to the Celebrate the Earth event hosted by Just Another Hat and EcoCrazy Mom. For the entire month of April, we will be featuring eco-conscious companies and eco-friendly products in honor of Earth Day.

Through this event, I hope to showcase various ways you can live a greener lifestyle. I will highlight awesome companies who have made conscious efforts to minimize their environmental impact on the planet and introduce eco-friendly products for you, your family, and household.

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Aurorae Yoga offers a wide variety of items to meet all your yoga accessory needs, from extra long mats to bags to blocks. Their yoga mats have garnered five star ratings from customers.

Barefoot Books provides unique children's books that allow children to explore our planet, different cultures, and ourselves. It's a community of artists who believe in engaging children and adults through timeless stories and charming artwork.

BottleHood is a San Diego-based company that takes recycled beverage bottles from local restaurants, bars, events, and homes and repurposes them into beautiful jewelry, functional household items (i.e. glassware, dishes), and decorative pieces (i.e vases, illuminations).

Buy Green® is an online retailer of eco-friendly goods; selling a cornucopia of personal, household, and office products.

Earth Presents sells a truly eco-friendly gift wrap. Wrappers, with matching gift tags, cards, and bows made from 100% recycled materials and completely recyclable.

Earth's Berries are organic hypoallergenic berries that have a multitude of uses around the house from laundry to household cleaning.

EcoGeek is an online boutique that sells fun and inspiring novelty "green" shirts for kids and adults, as well as children's accessories. They also have a series of books about how to live a greener lifestyle.

Engage Green® is a Brooklyn-based company that sells fashionable bags (i.e. handbags, totes, wristlets) and accessories. All their products are made from recycled paper, recycled plastic, or sustainable materials.

Green Paper Products offers compostable and biodegradable disposable tableware and trash bags perfect for picnics, parties, and events. The corn and sugar-based tableware are impermeable and suitable for hot and cold foods.

Green Toys is a California manufacturer of children's toys made from recycled plastic milk containers. All toys are free of phthalates, BPA, and lead, and have passed consumer safety tests as well as meets international standards.

Niagara Conservation® provides water and energy conservation products that help consumers save money. Their wide variety of products include low-flow shower heads, CFLs, and window treatments, among others.

EcoCrazy Mom Sponsors
Aussan Natural offers a complete line of botanical, non-toxic cleaners and odor eliminators that are 100% natural, and developed to make everyday chores easier without compromising what’s important- the health and safety of people, pets, waterways and our environment.

Blu+e Sky Collection offers a unique collection of earth-friendly gifts for every occasion. From recycled wine punts to beautiful handbags made from recycled tires- you’re sure to find a one of a kind gift for everyone on your list!

Nature Bratz  is your online store for stylish organic baby clothing and accessories. All brands are hand-picked for their style, design, quality and softness. Most of the brands are not just organic, but also part of fair trade operations to help out women in countries less fortunate.

HankyBook is a fabric “book” made of extra absorbent organic cotton pages with an attractive protective cover. These are sewn permanently together on a bind. All of fabrics are certified organic. HankyBooks are handmade in Southern California. The HankyBook can be used for anything a traditional handkerchief would be used for, and also have two added benefits:
#1. The page format means you will get a new clean surface every time you use it.
#2. With the protective cover you can store the HankyBook safely in your pocket, purse or bag, without worry of contamination!

Earth Monkeys baby accessories fold up into an attached bag small enough to fit on your key chain ensuring you are never without a bib, paci or changing pad again! Even better, all products are made from 100% RPET material or recycled plastic bottles so by using these products, you are doing your part to help the environment & leave behind a cleaner planet for generations to come.

Naturally It’s Clean enzyme cleaning products are all natural. They do not release harmful gases of any kind. They’re non-toxic, non-caustic, hypoallergenic, and safe for human, animal, and plant life. They contain no petroleum-based ingredients and even use an all natural colorant for their floor and toilet products.

Natural House offers a unique line of cleaning products that harness the power of probiotics and are phosphate/APE-free, eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable without the use of any genetically modified (GM) bacteria. Natural House products are strong enough for commercial clean-up, yet safe and gentle for all of the members of your family.

Safa Argan offers pure, organic, high quality argan oil produced straight from women’s cooperatives in Morocco. This amazing oil has many healing and restorative properties and can be used to help various skin conditions such as wrinkles, stretch marks, diaper rash, eczema and sun damaged skin just to name a few!