Tuesday, November 22, 2011

One Stop Christmas Hop Spotlight: Crafty Kids Creation Cottage

Crafty Kids Playhouses™ is an eco-conscious company that creates toys which stimulate your child's imagination. These award winning playhouses are free of bells and whistles designed to inspire creativity. These toys are not only made with 100% recycled cardboard, but are 100% recyclable after use. Crafty Kids Playhouses™ also offers mini models of their playhouses and eco-friendly art supplies. In addition to providing high quality products, Crafty Kids Playhouses™ is dedicated to fostering children's well-being through the support and donation to The Boys & Girls Clubs of America as well as other children's charities.

Photo courtesy of Crafty Kids Playhouses™.

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About the Creation Cottage
The Creation Cottage is a children's playhouse made from 100% recycled cardboard material. The unique design allows for a sturdy drawing surface for your child. The white exterior is a blank canvas that your child will be able to design on their own. It will provide hours, days, even weeks of fun and allow your child to create their own "home".  Although the possibilties are endless, this cardboard playhouse is perfect for birthday parties, play dates, and rainy day fun. Made from very sturdy 44ECT corrugated cardboard. Measurements (Assembled): 42.25"L x 39.5"W x 54"H

Photo courtesy of Crafty Kids Playhouses™.
Where to buy
The Creation Cottage is available at selected brick and mortar stores and Crafty Kids Playhouses™ website for $39.95.

Assembly of the Creation Cottage was easy and it took about 25 minutes; from taking it out of the box to setting it up outside for play. The instructions were easy to understand and the diagrams were helpful. No tools were necessary, just your hands.

This is a very cute playhouse. I love that it has a chimney and sun-shaped skylight. The doors and windows open and close, and there is even a slot for the mail. My son and nieces were beside themselves after my husband assembled this. They had so much fun painting it. That is definitely a big plus for this playhouse in that it's okay for the kiddies to paint all over it. My son and 2 of his cousins fit inside comfortably; it's a good sized playhouse for young children.

Like anything made of cardboard, the cottage will fold and bend and get knocked around. It is lightweight compared to plastic or wooden playhouses. Despite that, this cardboard playhouse is pretty durable. Once built, we transported it from my brother-in-law's house to ours in our van. It completely took up the entire back of the van, but it was still intact when we got home. I would not suggest breaking this house down only to re-assemble it later. The tabs are made so that once fitted in the slots, they stay in the slots. Although it is completely do-able to take it apart and put it back together again, I don't know if the tabs will stay in place.

My son and I have had a lot of fun playing with the cottage. Although some of the time it's not really a cottage but a drive-thru, a bank, a canvas for painting, etc. It really can be anything your child will imagine it to be. 

The price for the cottage is comparable to other cardboard playhouses on the market. As for a playhouse made of cardboard, well, it is pricey, especially if you can make your own. However, for the convenience and the quality of the product, $39.95 is not too bad.

We have not had any safety issues with this product.

Disclosure: I received a free product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions expressed are my own.