Thursday, June 6, 2013

Beauty Concierge Service at Target

Target Beauty Concierge Wendy

To say that there are a lot of beauty products out in the market is an understatement. There are a ton of personal care products available, which translates to a multi billion dollar industry. Wouldn't it be nice if someone can help you navigate which products are best for you? Wouldn't it be nice if someone can help you choose which make-up, hair styling tool, or hair product works to suit your needs? Wouldn't it be nice if that person didn't make you feel like you had to buy the complete set of a specific brand to get that gift with purchase? Yes, yes it would. I recently spent some time with a Target Beauty Concierge and it was fabulous.

A friend and I checked out the recently launched Beauty Concierge service at Target. (Disclosure: Sponsored post.) On May 24th, Target unveiled this unique service available at select stores in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. What is a Target Beauty Concierge you ask? Well, it's exactly what it sounds like, someone who can help you find beauty products sold at Target stores. Products that span make-up, hair, and skincare lines.

Who are Beauty Concierges?

Beauty Concierges are not Target employees. Yes, they technically are employed by Target, but they were hand picked through an application process - meaning, Target didn't just train current employees for this gig. Our wonderful concierge, Wendy, is a certified make-up artist. Other concierges have backgrounds in hair, make-up, or related field. Once accepted, they went through an extensive training program and educated on the over 9,000 beauty products sold at Target. Beauty Concierges are there to help customers find products, period. They are not paid by commission and have no brand loyalty. You ask, they help.

Beauty Concierge schedules are displayed at the Beauty department. There will be a concierge available at least three days of the week. You don't need an appointment to meet with one, just go up and say hi. It's easy to spot one of them, just look for the person wearing a black apron.

Beauty concierge store schedule

If you have a question and your concierge does not know the immediate answer, concierges carry a mini iPad with lots of information to help obtain the info for you. I think that's pretty cool. Also, if you do decide to buy something, they will send you off with a list of everything you bought.

Favorite features about the Beauty Concierge

  • Incredibly knowledgable about the product lines
  • There was no pressure to purchase anything
  • Friendly and helpful attitude, not pushy at all
  • Located inside of a Target, where I shop frequently
  • Provides personalized service

The first thing I asked Wendy was about eco-friendly beauty products. What brands does Target sell that are eco-friendly? She lead me to the appropriate aisles. I honestly didn't know that Target sold a variety of eco-friendly cosmetics (and tools). I've purchased eco-friendly household and baby products there before, but not beauty products for myself. I ended up buying a set of EcoTools. I've been eyeing this set for quite some time and was so glad that Target had it.

Target natural beauty aisle

Did I mention this service is free? Yes, it's completely free. It's a service that Target is offering it's customers to help them get what they really need. To top it off, if you make a purchase, try the product at home and end up not liking it, you can simply return the product. Yes, even if it's used.

The only downside to this service is that it's not available at all Target stores. In addition to the 96 stores in Los Angeles and Orange Counties (and 41 in Chicago), about 63 stores are expected to follow in Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, Baltimore, Minneapolis. Here is a list of SoCal Targets with a concierge service. To find out about the Beauty Concierge service in other areas, visit the Target Press Room for more info.

Target eco-friendly cosmetics Roots & Physician's Formula

I think having a concierge is a great idea. If you prefer to shop unbothered by pitchy salespeople, don't fret. Pitchy was not my experience with my local Beauty Concierge. I think it's perfect for teens who are new to make-up, adults who want a new look or a change from their old routine, or anyone who needs guidance finding the right hair dryer or curling iron. By the way, this service is just as useful for women as it is for men. I would definitely suggest this to my husband. His skincare needs are changing, as are mine, as we age and by season.

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