Monday, March 4, 2013

Snackle Mouth is a Mouthful of Good Eats - National Nutrition Month

snackle mouth almond berry, almond pecan maple, peanut cranberryMarch is National Nutrition Month and this year, I would like to feature a couple of healthy snacks I've discovered. These snacks are definitely a better alternative to others out there on the market as they are made with all natural ingredients; ingredients you won't have to struggle pronouncing and can picture what it looks like. Snackle Mouth granola cluster nuts are not just fun to say (Snackle Mouth), but these are healthy snacks that even my somewhat picky preschooler couldn't have enough of.

We received the Almond Berry, Almond Pecan Maple, and Peanut Cranberry to review on this blog. As I opened the first box, I was quite surprised. The description said granola, so naturally, I pictured chopped almonds mixed with oats and dried fruit. I had planned on using it for my easy peasy berry crumble. The reality of it was that the almonds are whole. So, instead of using it in my recipe, I just started snacking away...and kept snacking.

The introduction of new foods to Big B can be hit or miss. The rule is that he has to at least try one bite before he can write the food off. After one bite of the Peanut Cranberry, I couldn't keep him from almost finishing the entire box. He kept asking for more. Success! We went through these snacks pretty fast that I almost forgot to take pictures for the review. 

snackle mouth almond berry close up

Of the three flavors, my favorite was the Almond Berry. It was layered with flavor and contained my favorite dried berry: cranberry. Though the almond was covered in oats and dried fruit, overall, the granola cluster was still crunchy. It wasn't crisp crunchy, but crunchy nevertheless. At 140 calories per 1/4 cup, these are a guilt-free snack.

Favorite features

  • Low calorie, well, as long as you dont' eat the whole box in one sitting (which was difficult)
  • Delicious
  • Made with all natural ingredients, no preservatives
  • No refined sugar, no trans-fats, and low glycemic
  • Great snack on-the-go
  • (Kind of picky) Kid-tested and approved

Snackle Mouth is available online at Abe's Market. The price point of $4 a box is a little pricier than other granola snacks I've encountered. Should that deter you from trying it? I hope not. These are really good and the only granola mix I've tasted with whole almonds. So, if you're a big fan of almonds, this is a must try. And, even if you're not, I'd still suggest trying a box (or two). 

A little about Snackle Mouth

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