Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Green Surprise from Citrus Lane

I love surprises...the good kind. There is something exhilarating about opening a package of unknown wonders. No matter how big or small the box, I cannot wait to open and see what's inside. Subscription boxes certainly afford that excitement over and over again. Whatever the contents and whoever it's for, I've realized that subscription boxes are so much fun.

We received a box from Citrus Lane to review on this blog. I was beyond thrilled when I opened it. The company's reputation has preceded it and my expectations were definitely met. I just loved everything inside. Honestly, the first thought I had was: What a great baby shower gift! This would have been something I would have loved to receive.

The Innobaby snack storage is very useful. In addition to being BPA free, it's customizable. You can use both cups or just one. Little B is still too young to open this himself, and I'm thankful for that. Otherwise, there'll be crackers everywhere. If you use formula, this is a safe container to put pre-measured formula in.

Little B loves to feel the Skip Hop stroller toy. He absolutely loves textures and prefers to feel the teething ring instead of chew on it. We don't attach it to the stroller but just keep it out as a toy. I usually wear Little B and so we rarely use the stroller. The velcro/aplix is sticky enough to keep the arms folded, but allows infants to open them up.

This book is great because the colors are vibrant and the images are very engaging - true to Andy Warhol's style. Although not a touch and feel book (Little B's favorite), he always tries to feel the surface of the pages.

I love the Green Apple moisturizer. It's incredibly lightweight and goes on smoothly. The best part is that it is a sunscreen. It's a physical sunscreen containing zinc oxide, but it blends in with your skin tone well. You don't get the white residue left on your face. 

I discovered Clean Well last year at Expo West and have been a fan ever since. We have tried other products and are very pleased with them. This bottle of disinfecting spray stays in the diaper bag for cleaning on-the-go. It's an all-natural disinfecting spray that I am comfortable using on surfaces that Little B can eat off of.

Favorite features

  • Box of goodies delivered to my door
  • Variety of items in each box
  • Products for both mom and kids
  • Introduces me to new eco-friendly products and brands
  • Big savings; the value of the box is less than the combined value of the contents combined
  • Can keep the box or use the subscription as a gift

A little about Citrus Lane

Citrus Lane is the brainchild of Mauria Finley, mother of two. As a first time mom, Mauria spent a lot of time trying to find the best product for her child. She created Citrus Lane to help parents find innovative products, share information, and find inspiration. The subscription company offers customers the option to give a box or keep a box for themselves. Parents can customize their subscription based on the age and stage of their kids, for a personalized experience.
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