Friday, February 8, 2013

DIY: Valentine Hanging Lantern & Heart

hanging paper heart tutorial for Valentine decoration
As Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, I wanted to make some quick and easy decorations for the kiddos' room. I've been working on my dissertation and did not have a lot of time to shop around or make anything complicated. So, I went to YouTube for tutorials and found some simple tutorials for paper lanterns and hanging decorations. 

Of course, I had to greenify the process by using stuff I already had around the house. There's no point in spending extra money when I can reuse or repurpose materials at hand. Also, it's less clutter in the landfill. I used end-cuts of wrapping paper and scraps of cardstock I had left over from other projects. The string came from curling ribbon I had kept from a balloon we got at a party. (I am not a total packrat. I just keep things around when I see the potential in them for other things.)


Scraps of paper 
Eco-friendly glue (MagiGlue)
Cutting utensil

valentine decoration materials

Favorite tutorials

The Travelling Mama 

hanging chinese paper lantern for Valentine

Manualidades Para Todos (this is a Spanish tutorial, but you don't need to understand Spanish to be able to complete this project. My Spanish is elementary, at best, and even without the sound, you can follow the tutorial along.)

Valentine decoration using wrapping paper and paper scraps

Notes & Tips

Scraps or end-cuts of wrapping paper are great, but they won't be as sturdy as cardstock or other thicker paper.
You should fold the Chinese lantern at the crease in the middle so that it extends out. Otherwise, you'll end up with a cylinder (unless that's the look you want).
If you don't want the staples to show in the heart, staple the the inside strips and curling ribbon together. You can then glue the outer most paper to the rest of the heart. 
Use glue sparingly to avoid getting paper too flimsy.

Valentine hanging hearts tutorial tips