Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Unjunk Halloween with UNREAL™ Candies

unreal candies in halloween jack o lantern
I love chocolate. I adore chocolate in any form: candies, bars, fondue, cakes, brownies. It's really the only type of candy I will eat. Tomorrow is halloween and I have no doubt that there will be lots of chocolate candies in our house. In the past, I've handed out organic lollipops. I'll be switching it up this year and handing out bite-sized chocolates instead.

Tomorrow, our candy bucket will be full of UNREAL™ candies. The first time I tasted UNREAL™ was at the Healthy Child Healthy World Date Night a few weeks ago. Mmmmmmm. Yummy. I told my husband that this is a brand that I would buy for Big B, in the rare times that I actually purchase chocolate for him. It's also something that I would not frown upon if my husband, who is a diabetic, feels an urge to satisfy his sweet tooth. Not only do the candies taste good, but they are inherently good. What makes them unique? You'll only find ingredients that are all natural. Here's what you won't find:

unjunk halloween, ingredients not found in unreal

After tasting all five candies (clockwise from top right), UNREAL™ 54, 41, 77, 8, and 5, my favorite is 8 and 54 is a close second. I don't know how Big B will react to them (they just arrived at the door and he's still at school), but I have no doubt that he'll love them. 

unreal candies collage up close images

Unlike other specialty candies, and by specialty I mean any alternative to the mass produced stuff with the junk, you can find URNEAL anywhere that candy is sold. What else makes me want to support this brand? 

UNREAL™ ingredients:
  • Support farming communities
  • Prevent destruction of rain forests
  • Come from pasture raised cows grown without hormones or antibiotics
If you haven't bought halloween treats for tomorrow, I suggest looking for these. They taste just as good (if not better) and cost just as much, but without all the junk.

A little about UNREAL™
UNREAL™ has one mission: to unjunk the world. The fruit of a 13 year old's quest, the candy manufacturer offers five different candies using natural ingredients and free of fillers. Top chefs and scientists across Europe worked to perfect recipes that tasted good and used ingredients that are non-GMO and responsibly sourced. UNREAL™ candies are available nation wide at groceries, convenience stores, and other locations where candies are sold.

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Disclosure: I was provided free products to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions expressed are my own.