Sunday, September 2, 2012

Changes to My Low Entry Giveaway Linky

I have been hosting this linky for over a year and it have enjoyed promoting bloggers and giveaways. Over time, I have noticed that some of the giveaways posted are no longer low entries. It may be low entry when the giveaway goes live, but with the advent of tools such as Rafflecopter and Giveaway Tools (which facilitate entering giveaways), giveaway entries skyrocket within a day. This is fantastic for both the bloggers and brands. But, it does diminish the spirit of why I started this linky: to help bloggers promote their giveaways with TRUE low entries. 

It has been my pleasure to help fellow bloggers and I will continue to do so. Believe me, I know all too well the challenges of getting people to enter giveaways. So, with that said, I will be making a change to my linky. Starting today, September 2, 2012, this linky will promote family-friendly, low entry giveaways (200 entries or less) that end in 1 week (instead of 2).

I hope you will continue to use this linky as a way to promote your giveaways.  Feel free to tweet, stumble, or share this linky. The more people know, the more successful everyone's giveaways are.