Sunday, January 15, 2012

Oeko Popo™ Cloth Diapers - GRGH Spotlight

My interest in cloth diapers has grown over the last few months after deciding to switch from disposables for upcoming baby #2. I became incessant with my research about the different types of diapers available, care and maintenance, accessories, and everything else in between. I found that behind most companies is a dedicated mom who wanted the best for their child. The same is true of Oeko Popo™.

About Oeko Popo™
Juliane is the creator and owner of Oeko Popo™. She and her husband decided to cloth diaper after finding out they were expecting their first child. After making hundreds of cloth diapers and volunteering for a cloth diaper charity, she decided to establish her own business. In addition to running Oeko Popo™, Juliane participates in local cloth diaper advocacy and offers free sewing classes. Oeko Popo™ offers a variety of cloth diapers such as EASYfolds, hybrid, Versatility, and Batumee.
Image courtesy of Oeko Popo™.

Image courtesy of Oeko Popo™.
Image courtesy of Oeko Popo™.
Image courtesy of Oeko Popo™.

About Oeko Popo™ Diapers
Oeko Popo Diapers look a bit different than the cloth diapers you might be used to- but don't be afraid- we put a lot of thought into this design and it took us over a year to perfect it. The white strip prevents leakage and contours the gussets, so that any poo and pee stays where it belongs: Inside of your diaper. The front and back flaps are great to hold an insert and to prevent leakage. You will specially appreciate the front flap if you have a tummy sleeper. Our diapers have two rows of snaps- this way you can adjust the thighs and tummy differently to your babies unique shape. Every diaper has hidden hip snaps that prevent Wing Droop. Oeko Popo Inserts are backed with PUL to distribute moisture more evenly through the insert.  Our Pocket Sleeve has adjustable cord locks to fit perfectly around your child's shape. The stay dry layer of our diapers is fast wicking so even a"forceful pee-er" (a baby that holds in a lot and releases the pee at once) will not cause leakage in your diaper. Our Diapers and inserts are available in Size 1 (5-18lbs) and Size 2 aka One Size (8-40lbs).
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Where to buy
Oeko Popo™ diapers are available on the Oeko Popo™ online store.

$25 GC to Oeko Popo™.

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