Sunday, December 25, 2011

envitote™ Reusable Bag Review

PhotobucketI began using reusable bags instead of plastic or paper grocery bags a few years ago. It started with canvas bags that my husband and I received on a cruise. I have since obtained my fair share of reusable bags; most of them from conferences I went to. Reusable bags are certainly not made the same, by material or design. I am very fortunate to have found envitote™. It's been a favorite in our household.

About envicorp
Best friends Stephanie Collins and Tana Collins are the creative forces behind envicorp. The company strives to provide eco-conscious products in the market to help reduce consumer waste and environmental pollution. In addition to providing eco-friendly products, this Texas-based company, donates to environmental causes to advocate and educate the public. Their main product, the envitote™, has been featured in both print and electronic media.

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Where to buy
The envitote™ is available on the envicorp online store for $30.

There are key features about the envitote™ that I really appreciate, besides being reusable, of course. I like that it is designed like a grocery basket. Most reusable grocery bags have tall sides and narrow bottoms. You can still put a lot of stuff inside, but you end up piling items on top of each other. The envitote's™ wide bottom allows for dispersing items to minimize damage. I like that the sides are shorter than most bags, it makes putting things inside and taking items out very efficient and easy; I don't have to dig in the bag to get items out.
The adjustable strap is awesome, allowing me to use the bag in 3 different ways: hanging on my shoulder, my elbow, or holding with my hands. The ability to adjust the straps also helps people of different heights use it. My husband is at least 5 inches taller than me and has to set the strap on a longer setting for comfortable usage. My husband and I differ on opinion when it comes to the velco straps, however. I like the velcro because it is easy to adjust the strap. He thinks that prolonged usage of the velcro will eventually diminish it's adhesiveness. He has also mentioned that if not attached properly, the velcro will rub against your arm.

I love that it's made of canvas that is machine washable. I own canvas bags that are spot clean only and this limits my usage for grocery bags. We all know that things sometimes spill during transport and washing the bag for sanitation is important. I love that the envitote™ is collapsable and can lay pretty much flat for storage. Although I drive a mini-van and storage is not problem, I still like things neat and orderly and this feature certainly helps with that. The one thing that I wish the envitote™ had is an inside pocket for small items like wallet, keys, and cell phone. Other than that, I highly recommend the envitote™ as a reusable bag.

My family has been using the envitote™ for months and I love it. It really is my go to grocery bag. During quick shopping trips, I leave my purse at home, put my keys, cell phone, and wallet in the bag and dash out of the house. I don't even bother grabbing a cart or basket at the store since I put the everything in the envitote™. On a few occasion, I have used the bag for other than groceries and it worked well. It's a well made, durable reusable bag.
I can not say enough how well made this bag is. It is not like any of those reusable bags you can buy at the stores for less than $2 that will last a few months. Despite what my husband thinks about the velcro, the straps are doing very well.

The envitote™ sells for $30, which is expensive for a reusable bag. I think the fact that it is multi-purpose and well made can offset the cost. This bag will last a long time and the money spent is worth it.

We have not had any safety issues with this product.

Disclaimer: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this post are solely mine. I was under no obligation to provide a positive review. I received permission to post company trademarked logo and images on my blog.