Friday, November 18, 2011

ChicoBag® Vita™ Review - HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE

In 2004, Andy Keller, dismayed by the sight of single-use bags that littered the streets and cluttered the landfill, decided to create a reusable bag. A year and many prototypes later, the first ChicoBag™  was sold on Earth Day in Chico, CA. An industry standard, ChicoBag™ creates reusable bags and packs that are fashionable, lightweight, and compressible in its own integrated pouch. ChicoBag's™ mission is to make a significant decrease in the use of single-use bag by providing superior products and services. From manufacturing to office administration, the company takes pride in reduction processes that minimize their waste impact on the planet.

Photo courtesy of ChicoBag™.

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About the Vita - Spring Love
Our Spring Love Collection features a one of a kind graphic with two lovebirds kissing atop a cherry branch. Produced on our Vita™ silhouette and available in two color choices, Larkspur and Chocolate Truffle, this limited edition design is the perfect companion on any shopping outing. Fans of the Vita™ love it’s large size, shoulder length straps and durable, washable material. The bags compact down to a 3.5” x 5” pouch when not in use and weigh only two ounces! The large forty-pound carrying capacity makes these reusable bags the ideal companions on any day trip or shopping outing. Made of durable woven polyester. Our fabric allows for easy opening and stuffing. No special folding is required.
Where to buy
The Vita - Spring Love is available at selected brick and mortar stores, online retailers, and ChicoBag™ website for $10.99.

There are so many features that I love about this bag besides it being eco-friendly. First, the image of the 2 love birds is just too cute. It was very hard for me to choose which style of ChicoBag™ to choose, let alone which image design. I think ChicoBag™ really has done a great job in providing a variety of options to fit consumers' taste and styles in their design. Next, I love that this bag is machine washable. There are so many reusable bags out there, for a cheaper price (like the kind that sells for a dollar at the store), that are not washable so if you get it really dirty and spot cleaning doesn't work, you're left with a bag that you might not use again - defeating the purpose of a reusable bag. Third, I like that this style has a big enough handle that I can carry it on my shoulder or hang it on my stroller. When I go shopping, I like to have my hands free to browse or hold my son's hand, so being able to hang this on my shoulder is a big plus. Another feature that I like is the size. The Vita is big and can hold a lot of things. Since it's not structured, the bag can expand to accommodate a lot of stuff. I also like that it comes with its own pouch for storing. The pouch is great because it takes this big bag and compacts it into this tiny space and there's a carabiner attached to it that makes totting it convenient. I have it attached to my diaper bag at all times.

I've had the Vita for months and used it a lot. It's well made and very durable. I haven't washed it since I haven't soiled it, so I don't know how well it will hold up after washing. Given that it's made of woven polyester, I'm have no doubt that it will hold up against my washing machine.

I use this bag for everything else but groceries. I'm sure groceries will do well in it, but I'm particular about which bag I use for which items - call it mild OCD. Since it's attached to my diaper bag, I simply unhook the carabiner, unwrap the Vita from the pouch, and put it on top of my items. It's very easy to unwrap and wrap back up in the pouch. The Vita really is an all around bag, very functional. It will make a great holiday gift for your eco-conscious loved ones. The regular Vita bags are priced affordably and would make great stocking stuffers. Or, you can wrap your present in it. Here's a video on how to wrap a present using the Vita Holiday Bag.

As I've mentioned earlier, compared to other reusable bags, the Vita is more expensive. My particular design, Spring Love, is $10.99. Yes, it is a bit pricey, but considering the value of the product - quality, manufacturing process, reusable - it's worth the price.

We have not had any safety issues with this product.

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