Saturday, March 19, 2011

Legoland® California


One Legoland Drive
Carlsbad, CA 92008
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Ticket prices vary; check website

$5 - $20

Stroller/wheelchair accessibility
Stroller parking throughout park

Restroom facilities
Family restrooms available

Each area has their own themed eatery; burgers, pizza, pasta, hot dogs; snack stands everywhere. We ate at a pizzeria for lunch. I was not impressed with their gourmet pizza, but my son enjoyed their breadsticks. The Granny Apple Fries, located in Castle Hill, are worth trying.

Rides, building with Lego®/Duplo®, digging for dinosaur bones, watching shows, competitive games, and more. Our first stop on the way to our destination was Dig Those Dinos. My son saw the sand and jumped right in. They provided a bucket, shovel, and brush to help uncover the dinosaurs. We then stopped at Duplo® Village. My son had the best time there. He played with water, rode a train, and rompered around Duplo® Playtown. His absolute favorite activity was making water come out of musical instruments at Water Works. He didn't want to leave. We finally made our way to Fun Town just in time to see a show about firefighters. He loved it so much, we saw it a second time that afternoon. We ate lunch while watching the show. While at Fun Town, we rode a few rides and even competed in the Fun Town Police and Fire Academy.  
We eventually made it around the whole park. Our last stop was watching a 4-D movie at Imagination Zone. My husband and I really enjoyed it, my son, not so much. There was a rock monster towards the end that scared him. He was a trooper though and begrudgingly sat through the rest of the movie.
Our family experience
We took our son to Legoland® for his 3rd birthday. We could not have picked a better place. He had such a great time. I tried not to get too controlling and just let him do whatever he wanted. I didn't plan our whole trip, but there were definitely some things I wanted him to experience. In the end, it worked out fine. We were at the park for a little over 5 hours. The whole day was not jam packed with rides; actually we only rode a handful of rides. We made sure that there were times when he just got to play with Legos®.

Go on a weekday, it's a lot less crowded. There were still lines, but we didn't wait longer than 30 minutes to ride a 3 minute ride. If going with kids 5 and under, I suggest going straight to Fun Town, then move counterclockwise. It seems that the attractions to the right of the entrance are geared more for older kids. Those regions/towns still have something for the younger kids, but Fun Town, Duplo® Village, and Dino Island are most appropriate for the little ones. Bring bottled water and snacks. Here is a site that gave some good tips about visiting theme parks. If Legoland® is somewhere you would like to visit again and again, and can go on a weekday, I suggest looking into the Model Mom package. 

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