Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lowe's® Build and Grow Clinic - Valentine's Music Box

N/A, but online reservation for the activity is recommended as they fill up
Stroller/wheelchair accessible
Restroom facilities
Inside store
Build your own music box
Apron, goggles, hammer, activity kit, activity badge; kids take home everything but the hammer
Our family experience
The clinic was crowded today; all the stations were taken. My husband said that most of the time there are usually 1 or 2 other kids working on a project besides them. I'm sure it's because a lot of kids wanted to make someone special a Valentine's music box. My son plans to give the one he made to his cousins. We got our kit and headed for the nearest open spot. Since my son is not old enough, my husband helped him throughout the whole project. After about the first few times he hammered 1 nail, he was done. Oh the attention span of a toddler. He actually enjoyed helping his dad out more than making the box itself. He would get a nail and put it in the pre-drilled hole, and my husband would then hammer the nail in. The whole project took about 30 minutes, like most of the projects. I think my husband enjoys going to this more than my son; it's a great way for them to bond. In two weeks, it's all about the Pull Back #48 Race Car.

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