Thursday, November 25, 2010

REVIEW: Green Toys™


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Made in
California, US

Recycled milk jugs

Tea Set - 1 teapot, 1 sugar container, 1 creamer cup, 4 cups/saucers/spoons
Tugboat - 1 tugboat
Stacker - 8 nesting cups

Tea Set -$24.99
Tugboat -$12.99
Stacker - $13.99

Powered by
Child's imagination

All products are assembled.

The toys are a perfect size for toddlers and young children, lightweight, and have colors that appeal to both girls and boys. They are simple toys without the bells and whistles, allowing your child's imagination to take charge of playtime. I decided to buy the Green Toys™ tea set because it is one of a handful of tea sets in the market that was unisex. The one thing that I would suggest for the tea set is to change the color of the cream cup so that it is a different color than the drinking cups. This allows the users to differentiate between the two--as my son has sometimes used the cream cup as the drinking cup. 
The tugboat is great because it has a handle built into the design so the user can easily maneuver the toy. However, it does not open up. This limits cleaning the tugboat to just a rinse. And, if your child likes to take bubble baths like mine, getting rid of soap residue inside the tugboat becomes pretty challenging. 
The stacker contains 8 cups unlike many others in the market. The cups are not very tall and have a deep base so they are not easily knocked down. This could be a plus and a minus, especially if your child likes to knock things down...and what toddler doesn't get a thrill out of doing that? The good thing is, for infants and toddlers working on their gross motor skills, stacking this set is less frustrating as the cups stack easily and don't topple over unless it's purposely knocked over.

The toys have been durable so far. We have owned the tea set the longest, and it still shows no signs of wear and tear from regular use. My son has tossed the tugboat around in the tub and although it makes a loud noise when he does, the tugboat has stayed intact. 

For the most part, each component of the toys functions as it is supposed to. However, the teapot of the tea set does not pour liquid without leaking from the screw. I would suggest using the tea pot for pretend play only and not as an alternative to a ceramic tea pot during tea time. The tugboat floats and the hull can be filled with water so it can also double as a pouring cup for rinsing your child off. Overall, my son loves these toys and so do I. I would definitely recommend them to parents; I've even given these toys are gifts to family and friends.

Green Toys™ packages their products in the most efficient way, snuggly in a recycled cardboard box. There are no strings, plastic ties, or unnecessary packaging insert. No need for scissors. The cardboard box is just big enough to contain the toy. After you open the box, you just pull out the toy, and start playing with it. Just remember to recycle the box again.

I find value in these toys given that they are (1) manufactured in the US, (2) safe, (3) environmentally friendly, and (4) well made. I'm sure you can find similar toys for a cheaper price, but to me, these toys are worth their price. One tip that I can provide is this: buy Green Toys™ products at Pottery Barn Kids. Every time your child attends PBK storytime, he/she will get a stamp. After collecting 5 stamps, you can redeem your stamp book for $10 off any of their products. This works out to be a considerable discount for both the stacking cups and tugboat.

All of the products have proven safe so far. After months of use, and despite being occasionally thrown about, none of the parts have broken or chipped to cause any kind of hazard to my son.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. The products in this review were purchased by my family. The opinions expressed in this post are solely mine. I was under no obligation to provide a positive review. I received permission from the company to use their trademarked brand/logo on my blog.