Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sipping a Tall Glass of Kombucha Wonder Drink

I came home from vacation with a surprise. A box of Kombucha Wonder Drink...and I couldn't be happier. The entire family was sick the last few days of vacation, including me. The thought of drinking organic tea sounded so wonderful and it was. Whether I drank a hot beverage or cold, anything that increased my fluid intake was a great idea.

I received a total of five drinks to review: (8.4 oz) Cherry Cassis, Green Tea & Lemon, Asian Pear & Ginger, (14 oz) Essence of Juniper Berry, Spearmint & Lemon Myrtle, and Traditional Kombucha. Kombucha Wonder Drink is marketed as a sparkling fermented tea. Although the tea contains sugar and caffeine, unlike other beverages, these drinks do not rely on these sugars or caffeine to give the consumer a boost of energy. The fermentation process affords a natural lift that won't give you a sugar crash after you've finished the container.

Favorite features

  • Made from organic ingredients
  • Delicious blends of flavors
  • Low calorie drink
  • Subtle carbonation - I usually don't drink carbonated drinks because they hurt my throat, but these drinks are fantastic.
  • Incredibly refreshing

By far, my favorite is the Asian Pear & Ginger. I can't describe how it tastes, except to say that the two flavors blend well together perfectly; not one over-powered the other. 

Kombucha Wonder Drinks are available online and at select brick and mortar stores. I have yet to find a store near me that carries Kombucha Wonder Drink. Therefore, I can't really compare the price of one of these drinks to an alternative (i.e. a can of soda or other such beverage). I can say that I would rather purchase this over other types of beverages, especially soda. For tea drinkers, I would definitely recommend trying Kombucha Wonder Drink. I think the flavors alone are inviting enough. 

About Kombucha Wonder Drink

Kombucha Wonder Drink is the result of years of dedication, persistence, and creativity. Founder Steve Lee is a life student of tea and had created two successful tea businesses, Stash Tea and Tazo, prior to Kombucha Wonder Drink. After receiving a starter kombucha culture, Steve worked with friends and experts to develop an authentic kombucha. In 2001, Kombucha Wonder Drink was born. The beverage comes in two sizes (8.4 and 14 ounces) and eight flavors: Cherry Cassis, Green Tea & Lemon, Asian Pear & Ginger, Essence of Juniper Berry, Spearmint & Lemon Myrtle, Niagara Grape, Essence of Peach, Essence of Mango, and Traditional Kombucha

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Disclosure: I was provided free products to facilitate the review. No other compensation was provided. All opinions expressed are my own.